Vice Dean for Post Graduate Studies word

KhALED bshir

Prof. Dr. Khaled Bashir

The mission of universities in the present era plays a very important role in the life of nations and peoples, as it is no longer limited to the traditional goals in terms of searching for knowledge and conducting teaching. Rather, the mission has expanded to include all aspects of scientific, technical and technological life, and this can only be done by activating the mission of universities in stimulating the research movement Scientific research, linking scientific research in postgraduate studies with community issues and opening channels of cooperation, coordination and communication between universities and various development sectors.
Therefore, the College Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research seeks to raise the level of the college academically and scientifically, and to take care and interest in scientific research on high-quality scientific foundations, encourage innovative projects, and urge faculty members and graduate students to take care of this aspect, which is one of the features necessary for any society that seeks To achieve a scientific, academic and cultural renaissance.

Accordingly, I recommend to you, my sons and daughters, male and female students, to work to keep up with all that is new in the field of your specialties and to increase in the sources of knowledge and knowledge, so that this brings us all back to progress and progress. I ask God to help us all to serve our beloved Egypt.


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