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Prof. Dr. / Manal Mohamed Ibrahim

My dear sons and daughters:

Hello and welcome to the College of Pharmacy - Mansoura University, this great edifice that was built since 1971 in which the College of Pharmacy was distinguished from other colleges by its distinguished performance and continuous development in the field of educational process and scientific research

The College of Pharmacy is also distinguished by the presence of many faculty members who have obtained many international and local prizes as well as patents, and the college is constantly keen to hold many workshops and training courses for continuous pharmacy education in order to raise the level of the college graduate according to the needs of the labor market and the college always strives to publish A culture of quality education and its development always. Therefore, it has implemented a new regulation in which educational courses are consistent with the needs of the labor market.

The college is keen to spread health awareness and confront many health problems and diseases that face community members through awareness campaigns and medical convoys that our students undertake.

 We wish from God the Almighty the continued progress of our college with its distinguished students in all scientific, cultural and sports fields, and we hope for their continuous cooperation with the faculty members and all the administrative elements of the college to continuously advance the educational and research process in the college and provide the best educational and other services in order to graduate human cadres with high and distinguished experience In the field of drug industry and community service.

 I ask all of my students, sons and daughters, to adhere to good morals and good behavior, and four things, if you are available, are good for your religious and worldly affairs, which are: - Mastery of work - Fear of God - Cooperation - Tolerance

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