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The Faculty of Pharmacy at Mansoura University is nationally and regionally recognized for its innovative scientific contributions in basic and applied education and research in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Department of Medicinal Chemistry is one of the eight academic departments of the faculty, which contribute in integrated system to deliver pharmacists holding B. Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The mission of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry is to continue to produce highly-trained graduates for careers in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, through building up and enhancing the relation between Medicinal Chemistry and health care; and creating the best knowledge and understanding for drugs and drug action.
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Mansoura University has pursued science at the interface of chemistry and biology; this science is an interdisciplinary field that approaches important biological and health-related problems through the application of fundamental principles of organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular pharmacology and molecular modeling. Medicinal Chemistry courses are considered as unique subjects given to pharmacy students, and are concerned with the discovery, design, identification and preparation of biologically active compounds. It is also committed to the study of small molecules and how they affect large biological systems, i.e. the interpretation of their mode of action at the molecular level, the construction of structure activity relationships and the study of the pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs.
Medicinal Chemistry is a fundamental discipline in Pharmacy Curriculum that potentiates the ability of students to analyze the drug chemistry when conducting drug therapy evaluations. It is a unique field, offered to pharmacy students, but not to other medical- and health-related schools. It motivates the pharmacist as the only drug expert, to understand why two drugs which look very similar and which are used to treat the same disease state may have different potency and side effect profiles, distribute differently in the body, are excreted at different rates, or require different dosage forms for maximal in vitro stability. 
The focal point is to study the chemistry of drugs. Because the constituents of the human body are also chemicals, drug action and behavior is a logical sequence of chemical reactions and interactions between small molecules and macromolecules that take the drug from the site of administration to the site of action, to the site of metabolism and, finally, to the site of excretion. The chemical structure of drugs is a responsible factor to explain and understand the physicochemical properties, receptor affinities and biological activities and/or enzymatic vulnerabilities. The differences in drugs chemistry create differences in activity and behavior.
The Faculty Members in the department are doing their best to emphasize, in the courses they give, the true understanding of the chemical principles that explain drug action in vivo and in vitro.
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