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On behalf of the Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, I welcome you to the Department's website.
In the light of the rapid development witnessed by the pharmacy profession in Egypt and hence constant increase in demand for qualified pharmacists to serve the medical care recipients efficiently, the Faculty of Pharmacy should therefor contribute positively to the preparation and graduation of qualified scientific pharmacists.
The Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry is one of the departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy which provides appropriate scientific and practical environment together with coherent syllabuses that work with other faculty departments in harmony to enable students to acquire pharmacy bachelor's degree, clinical pharmacy bachelor's degree or Pharm D degree.  In addition to different undergraduate degrees, the department offers different postgraduate programs including; Chemistry Diploma as well as Master and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry).
These programs provide theoretical and applied advanced studies covering scientific updates to improve graduates’ professional performance. The department is equipped with up-to-date laboratories with latest devices for analysis as well as most recent molecular modeling softwares that are used in developed world.  The Department uses modern teaching methods to meet different educational purposes taking student to progressive levels of knowledge. The department is proud to include such distinguished group of professors in the various disciplines of pharmaceutical organic chemistry, who actively contribute to the teaching of bachelor's, master's and doctoral courses, and supervise the graduate students in the department.
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