The mechanics of attraction

 The mechanics of attraction 

1. Taking care of International students by providing academic, physical and social support.
2. Marketing and providing information about the academic programs offered by the faculty and the conditions of admission.
The mechanics of attraction:
1. Marketing of postgraduate programs with credit hour system
2. Marketing of clinical pharmacy program 
3. honoring the international students at the annual graduation ceremony and inviting their families to participate in the ceremony for free
4. Marketing of specific postgraduate studies as Pharm D, clinical nutrition, and quality control diploma
5. Participation in annual international student day
6. Specify academic advisor for international students in pharmacy program and also clinical pharmacy program
7. Maximize the role of office of international students to work on 
a. Cooperation with international student unit in the university to solve the problems of international students
b. Orientation of the new students to introduce the internal regulations of the bachelor degree and postgraduate studies
c. Making permanent and continuous inventory of new students and graduates as well as enrolled students.
8. Activation of the international relation office in the faculty
9. Awarding the international student with highest GPA in the clinical pharmacy program a financial reward
10. Making tutorials in some subjects for the defaulting students in agreement with the staff in some subjects they need to do so.
11. Giving condensed English lecturers for the new international students in the faculty
12. Adding the link of the website of the international students' office to the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy 
13. Translation of "student guide" and regulations of study programs to English.
14. Holding regular social meetings with international students and making trips to integrate international students.
15. Marketing of the faculty's specific programs through advertising on social media
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