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Prof/ Farid Abd Elreheem Badria
The central laboratory has a vital role in the development of scientific research, education process and improving the environment. So, faculty of Pharmacy through the activities of the central laboratory aims to achieve the following:
  1. Elevating the technical cadres and reaching permanent ways for self-funding
  2. Making a clear acceptable organizational structure
  3. Preparing cadres for working in the laboratory provided by professional, technical and administrative skills
  4. Preparing a specialization business model for the service beneficiaries.
  5. Also, the central laboratory would enforce and activate the relation between the university and the society through
  7. Presenting the laboratory services to solve the actual problems that occur in El-dakahlia province and Delta
  8. Getting on common projects and getting grants for researchers from local, national and international funding sites
  9. Carrying out experiments for innovative scientific researches to be published in international journals with high impact factors
  10. Carrying out experiments of master thesis and PhD thesis
  11. Encouraging patent inventions registration
  12. Upgrading the university central laboratory as a featured centre after being accredited from specialized authorities.
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Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University,

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