Research plan

- Scientific research based on the Department of Pharmacy Practice, which emanates from the research plan of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Mansoura University, is based on the work of studies on pharmaceutical care resulting from the use of some drugs used in the treatment of common and chronic diseases in Egyptian society such as liver, diabetes, kidney, heart, tumors, bronchial asthma and other diseases. Diffuse and also study the effect of its pharmacological action as a result of the presence of other or certain foods or other medications with which unintended drug interactions may occur.
- The department is also interested in its research plan to study the effect of stereotypes and genetic mutations of patients on the effectiveness of the medications given to them and how to make treatment protocols specific to each patient individually according to their ability to metabolism as well as the use of some antioxidants in improving the functions of different body organs, which contributes to achieving the best methods The desired medical and therapeutic care for patients.
Research plan areas:
1. The first field of research includes clinical trials that aim to study the potential therapeutic effect of some recent drugs and to identify the optimal treatment plan for patients suffering from chronic diseases or cancerous tumors.
2. The second research field is the study of clinical pharmacokinetics. The primary goal of this field is:
Study the interactions between pots, herbs, food, or other medications
• Study the effect of diseases on the pharmacokinetics
• Monitoring the pharmacokinetics of blood
• Study of genetic differences and their effect on drug abandonment in the blood
3. The third field of research: Pharmacy practice
The primary objective of this field is:
• Developing health care services in order to provide safe and effective drug treatment in Mansoura University Hospitals
• Activating the role of clinical pharmacy in Mansoura University Hospitals
• Developing the use of modern technological means to improve health care in Mansoura University Hospitals
Provide better ways to educate patients about the nature of their treatment
Participants from other disciplines inside and outside the university:
Department of Biochemistry
Department of Medicines and Toxins
Department of Analytical Chemistry
Professors at the Faculty of Medicine, various disciplines
Professor at the National Institute of Tropical Medicine and Liver Diseases
Duration of the research plan:
Five years (2020-2025)
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