About Us

Historical hint about the department:The study in faculty of pharmacy started with admitting the 1st group ofstudent in academic year 1970/1971 and it included only 48 students.Afterwards, there was a decree 134/year 1973 to separate the faculty ofpharmacy from faculty of medicine to stand as independent entity. The1st  group of students graduated in 1975 and it was 105 students. Thedepartment   was   then   established   by   the   decree   of   3/1/1976   undersupervision of professor Sayed Amar with the title (pharmacology andbiochemistry department). In 2001 there was a decree number 1573 toincrease the number of departments in the faculty to 8 department andthe department was modified to be (pharmacology & toxicology). The departments stands currently in the ground and 1st floor in buildingA and it has 3 different students’ laboratories:
1- Lab A, ground floor
2- Lab B, ground floor
3- Lab D, 1st floor
And in addition it has two research laboratories
1- Lab 1, Ground floor
2- Lab C, 1st floor
That’s in addition to the staff members’ and employees’ offices Administrative and Strategic targetsContribution in establishing the strategic targets of the faculty
1- Department   representatives’ contribution   in   the   faculty   strategicplan committee
2- SWOT analysis committee contribution
3- Contribution   of   the   department   chair   and   selected   members   inputting the mission and vision of the faculty
Establishing a plan to develop the department
1- Half and yearly report about all the department activities
2- Determining   the   strong   and   weak   points   in   the   work   plan   andworking on them.
3-Documenting all the department activities through the departmentmeeting
4- Getting feedback from students
5- Executive plans to activities in the department
6- Meetings within the department to assign tasks and follow-up
7- Plan to assign responsibilities to staff members and employees
8- Managing the department mission and vision
9- Activating the internal evaluation
10- Adherence to the career ethics 11- Giving   the   chance   to   all   the   employees   to   freely   expressopinions during the periodic meetings
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