About Us

• The department is devoted to the teaching of analytical chemistry and its vital role in all aspects of life. It deals with teaching fundamentals of chemistry and most of the advanced techniques to three years of pharmacy students and four levels of clinical pharmacy students.
• The department has a human resources wealth consisting of:
Staff members including professors, associate professors, lecturers, teaching and research graduate associates.
In addition to chemists, assistant chemists and workers.
• The department contains 4 laboratories:
Two labs for undergraduate students.
Two labs for post-graduate studies and chemical researches. These two labs are equipped with modern instruments for analysis; these include HPLC equipped with a UV detector and a fluorescence detector, a computerized spectrofluorimeter, a spectrophotometer and a polarograph. 
• The department is fully involved in the activities of the unit of Analysis of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Preparations (a unit devoted to serve the community in the field of drugs). The manager of the unit is one of the staff members of the department.
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