mission and vision

Biochemistry department seeks to establish the understanding of the biochemical basis of life. The department seeks excellence in education and research to benefit the society in order to earn regional, national and international recognition. The department contributes as well to spreading awareness about the society and its medically-associated problems.
The Department of Biochemistry will increase knowledge and develop our understanding of the basic biochemical mechanisms of life and thereby raise health standards and quality of life by:
Advanced teaching programs that produce graduates equipped with world-class skills.
Advanced teaching professional programs for postgraduate students.
Intensive research programs that contribute to important discoveries and treatment of diseases.
Work as a recognized source of knowledge and practical experience in the presence of a developed infrastructure to serve scientific research and participating in solving environmental health problems.
Providing high quality special clinical programs for a better pharmaceutical education and community service.
Teaching the courses assigned to the department to undergraduate and postgraduate students using modern technological methods.
Develop practical and applied skills of students.
Employing non-traditional methods in teaching and learning.
Continuous development of teaching courses to ensure the preparation of a pharmacist capable of coping with the needs of the labor market and the surrounding community.
Increase student interactions with the teaching staff in the department.
Supporting and developing scientific researches and projects in the department.
Work to serve and develop the community within the framework of the overall plan of the Faculty and the University.
Contribute to solving environmental and community problems in the surrounding environment.
Increase the awareness of all employees in the department about the concepts of quality and how to implement them.
Raising the efficiency of the Faculty Members and their assistants in the department. 
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