1)    Research Aims:
The laboratory provides the most recent instruments and scientific techniques for experiments and analytical procedures required by postgraduate students, teaching staff and researches in various research sections. Also, the laboratory aims at encouraging getting on different research projects announced by Scientific Research Academy and the university Research and Postgraduate Committee. On the national and international levels, the laboratory presents the university in international projects which allow competitive chances to obtain these projects.
2)    Educational Aims:
These aims are achieved by planning training courses on scientific and theoretical bases concerning the available instruments and the fields in which these instruments can be applied. This would open new horizons for scientific research. The laboratory is also available for the Bachelors students to be trained on the instruments, analytical procedures and recent techniques.
3)    Service Aims:
Providing consultations and technical support to local society sectors, providing studies concerning the environmental view of the projects specially those concerning recording pollution levels for the environmental elements (water-air-soil) by heavy elements, insecticides, radiation or microbial pollution. Besides, a production activity through tissue culture research and biotechnology to provide distinct improved plant and animal species. 
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