The central laboratory instruments and units and their supervisors

The laboratory contains units each of them is supervised by one of the faculty teaching staff who are chosen by a decision from the laboratory managers based on a nomination from the specialized department or on the researches or projects done by them.
These units are:
Gas chromatography-mass spectra unit (GC-MS)
High performance liquid chromatography unit (HPLC)
Freeze dryer unit
Ultra violet – infra red analysis unit (UV-IR)
The central laboratory adopts and encourages the various research projects of the faculty teaching staff. This encouragement includes technical support and providing the necessary facilities required for these projects in collaboration with different departments.
The laboratory provides some central services in drug analysis fields, food and water analysis. It also provides the scientific consultations to the faculty, university and some private and governmental organizations.
The laboratory provides the faculty departments with the requirements needed to carry out scientific researches as scientific instruments, chemicals, manuscript publication expenses and other related services.
The central laboratory of instruments: this laboratory contains some progressive instruments that are operated and maintained by specialized technicians. These instruments are used in the ongoing researches in the faculty and the students’ practical sections.
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You are here: The central laboratory instruments and units and their supervisors

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