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Pharmaceutical Organic chemistry Department has managed to get Funded Projects such as:
1. 1-Nonclassical Antifolates: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling Study of Some Quinazolin-4-one Analogues as DHFR Inhibitors. Research Support &Technology
Development Grant (RSTDG).
2. Design and Synthesis of New Curcumin-derived compounds of potential antitumor activity. This project was financially supported by Mansoura University, Egypt
3. Design and synthesis of 2-picolinic acid derivatives as novel kinase inhibitors with potential anticancer activity This project was financially supported by Mansoura University, Egypt.
4. Synthesis and computational Study of new derivatives of cyclooxygenase inhibitors as antiinflamatory and anticancer agents.
5. STDF project to get NMR facility to the faculty.
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