Scopus Staff Members of Pharmacognosy



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Galal Taha Maatooq
Farid A. Badria
Khalid A. El Sayed
Mona Goudah Zaghlol
Attalah Fouad Ali Ahmed
Ali Ali El Gamal
Sahar Refaat Mostafa Gedara
Ahmed Fouad Halim
Mohamed Safwaf Afifi
Mohamed Farid Ibrahim Lahloub
Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelfattah Amer
Saleh Hassan El-Sharkawy
El-Sayed Shaker Mansour
Hassan Elrady Ali Saad
Ahmed Abu El-Ghait Gohar
Ashraf Taha Mohamed Khalil
Ahmed Mohamed Zaghlol
Osama B.Abdel Halim
El-Sayed Mahdy Marwan
Amani M.Marzouk
Hany Nashaat Baraka
Wael E.Houssen
Zain Elaabedeen Metwaly
Kadria F.Ahmed
Nadia El-bialy Hashish
Amal Abd El-Hamid Galala
Amal Ahmed Hamdy Sallam
Fatma M.Abdel-Bar
Mohmoud Fahmi Elsebai
Weaam Nabil Ebrahim
Fathy Abdelmohsen Behery
Ahmed A. Zaki
Ahmed Adel Ashour
Marwa Elsebae Ali AboElel
Mona Farouk Metwally El-Neketi
Baher A. Ibrahim
Asmaa Sherif  
Amira Shawki Mera
Walaa Kamel Moatey
Walaa Mohamed Safwat Aboelmaaty
Yehia Amen
Sara Ahmed Abdalla Abouzeid
Amal Fathy Soliman Ahmed
Iman E Helal
Ahmed Elsaid Bedir Ali Elbermawy
Reham Mohamed Elsaeed Hamed


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