February 21, 2017
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The conference took place on Sunday 12th Feb 2017 under supervision of Professor Dr/ Nahed Elanany, dean of faculty of pharmacy, Professor Dr/Mona Zaghloul, vice dean, Professor Dr/ Manal Eid, vice dean, and Professor Dr/ Thanaa Bourg, head of pharmaceutics department.
9, February 2017
EPSF of faculty of pharmacy, Mansoura University arranged the training student conference under supervision of Professor Dr Nahed Elanany, dean of faculty of Pharmacy and Professor Dr Hatem AbdElrahman, vice dean for students’ affairs.
8, February 2017
1st International Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MU-PHARM 2017) Under auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohammed M. Kennawy President of Mansoura University Prof. Dr. Ashraf A. Sweilem Vice President of Graduate Studies & Research Prof. Dr. Nahed M. El-Enany Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. D
17, January 2017
A second run of “EndNote” workshop will be taking place on Sunday 8th Jan 2017 in the IT club, basement of building B. The program deals with organizing references and citations. Please be advised to have the correct username and password of the Mansoura University internet to be sure about achieving the maximu
5, January 2017
Professor Dr. Nahed Elanany, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, the vice deans, stuff members and the employees are expressing their sincere congratulations for Doctor Ghade Sedeq as she was appointed as the head of the pharmacology department, wishing her all the prosperity and progress.
5, January 2017